General Overview

Ship Design

  • Design and engineering services from Concept to Detail design for New-build & Conversion.
  • Design Optimization & Design Upgrades.
  • 3D Modelling.
  • Structural analysis and FEM Expertise.
  • Hydro- Aerodynamics, CFD & FSI expertise.

Operating Systems

  • Design optimization of on-board energy distribution & transmission.
  • Electro, Mechanical engineering and design.
  • Systems & Control engineering for operating connectivity and integration.


  • Project Management.
  • Site & Construction Supervision.
  • Consultancy and Management support.
  • Engineers
    • Project Engineers

    • Naval Architects

    • Mechanical Engineers

    • Electrical Engineers

    • Draftsmen

  • Pre-purchase inspections and yard assessments.

Smart Technology

  • (Economic) Performance prediction and monitoring operational systems.
  • Software design & engineering.
  • AI engineering on (ship) operating systems and services.
  • Big Data architecture & Analytics.
  • R&D Studies.
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Ready to go Green

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