In collaboration with our maritime engineering partners, R2G maintains a trusted relationship, engaging in joint design projects, scaling engineering capacity, subcontracting and mutually representing each other’s specialized expertise in the maritime domain.

Naval Architecture

SDG (Galatz, Romania)

Sea Tech Solutions (Singapore)

Offshore Engineering

 Offshore Independents (Rotterdam, the Netherlands)

CFD Optimalisation

 Caponnetto Hueber (Valencia, Spain)

Social Partners

RED-TO-GREEN is a benefactor of the
Rotterdam Maritime Museum

RED-TO-GREEN is proud Sponsor of the
DutchSail Women & Youth America’s Cup in Barcelona 2024

Ready to go Green

Are you looking for sustainable ship designs.
Learn what RED-TO-GREEN can do for you.

RED-TO-GREEN creates future proof ship designs and technical solutions to enable operators to cut carbon emissions or become fully sustainable.

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