To provide greener and more efficient services to offshore turbines RED-TO-GREEN is currently working on a SWATH offshore wind farm service vessel. This new SWATH design has a unique operation and docking profile. The vessels combines safe maintenance solutions with a sustainable and highly efficient operating profile.

Offshore wind farm support vessel

After strong interest by several international R2G customers, mostly active in the construction, commissioning and support of the Offshore Wind Market, R2G engineers were asked to come up with three basic designs of optimised SWATH Vessels of different sizes between 30 – 80 metres, with task specific on-board equipment, that can outcompete the monohull SOV in workability and durability all year round.

With the extensive knowledge of SWATH vessels within the RED-TO-GREEN engineering team, specifically by R2G lead naval architect Michiel Bertels, we optimised three SWATH designs by analysing the vessels mission requirements and constraints for the vessel lengths of fourty, sixty and seventy-five metres overall, the last one named as R2G SWATH 75.

Video: SWATH 75

SWATH benefits


A SWATH vessel is on average half the construction weight compared to a monohull: half the environmental footprint and half the price with same €/kg.

Lower OPEX

SWATH vessels have substantial reduced fuel consumption compared to a monohull – a smaller vessel that is allowed to operate heading independently has very low fuel consumption resulting in a heavily reduced environmental footprint.


On average the R2G SWATH 75 has 1.5 month a year additional up-time compared to SOV monohull of similar size that results in 45[days]* €25k/day = € 1.125 million/ year. Additionally, the Capex and Opex are half the amount of a comparable monohull SOV. The increase in revenue and reduction in cost results in a significant profit increase.


A SWATH vessels offers higher safety levels for offshore crew transfers and comfort / well-being onboard (reduced seasickness is a serious safety improvement as well).


Half the construction weight and half the fuel consumption results in half the total environmental footprint: super green.

Our Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull vessel offers unique workability features

SWATH vessels are well known for superior sea keeping behavior and heading independence as a safe and stable platform in big sea states. Also in the Offshore Wind market a SWATH is well capable of extreme safe crew transfers and hoisting operations, long and comfortable endurance for crew at sea, energy durable in operation all working as a supporting vessel during construction, commissioning and maintaining offshore wind markets.
With the small waterline area that give superior seakeeping behavior payload is a restricted factor. However the R2G SWATH75 still holds 8x 20ft containers storage for equipment and spares with 160 [ton] of client cargo payload, accommodates 50 PAX and 25 crew for a total of 75 persons on board for a endurance of 30 days at sea.

With the combined Crane / Gangway cargo and crew can be easily on and offloaded to windmills or other vessels. Instead of even more cargo payload, more emphasis of the R2G SWATH75 design was put on cargo transfer capabilities and prevail as an extremely safe at sea mother-vessel.

With a huge all year round workability our R2G engineering team designed the R2G SWATH75 as a durable money maker for our Offshore Wind customers.

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