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R2G specializes in comprehensive Naval Architecture and Maritime Engineering services, delivered by a proficient and multidisciplinary team of engineers. Our primary objective is to engineer vessels that embody the future.

The heart of the Dutch Maritime Industry

Situated in Rotterdam, the heart of the Dutch Maritime Industry, RED-TO-GREEN operates from a shared office in Rotterdam alongside our sister engineering company; Offshore Independents. This strategic alliance fosters synergies, ensuring efficient resource sharing, maritime software, multidisciplinary engineering capacity, and back-office services.

Key facts

R2G since 2021, located at Rotterdam, NL.

R2G is independent and privately owned by De Goede Ree (DGR).

R2G Naval Architect Capacity is 8 [FTE] in Rotterdam Office.

Enhanced engineering capacity for (large) projects is achieved through collaboration with our partners.

Ample office and workspace facilities are available, meeting the needs of multiple in-house design and engineering project teams.

We can work out of our R2G Rotterdam office or at client’s location onshore or either offshore.

We aim to contribute to an efficient, sustainable and green maritime sector.

Simeon Tienpont

Simeon Tienpont

CEO & Naval Architect | R2G

“ The collaboration with our team and clients reminds me of the composition of the multidisciplinary design team that I had available to me as an engineer and in my career as a professional sailor in the America’s Cup, the oldest and perhaps most prestigious sporting event in the world. The decisive part in the design of the winning boat lay in its operating systems, more than in the hull shape itself.

The role of the marine engineer has increasingly shifted to a technical maritime integrator, where operating systems on board must be able to communicate with each other and act under the guidance of the crew. The boat talked to us and we, as the crew, talked back.

In the maritime industry, including onboard commercial ships, I still see a lot of room for improved efficiency and cost savings with this approach. This is exactly where RED-TO-GREEN (R2G) maritime engineering services will aim to contribute to an efficient, sustainable and green maritime sector. “

Ready to go Green

Are you looking for sustainable ship designs.
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RED-TO-GREEN creates future proof ship designs and technical solutions to enable operators to cut carbon emissions or become fully sustainable.

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