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Did you know that almost all the great inventions in the world were made by young professionals? For the team at RED-TO-GREEN, this is an inspiration.


Why Choose R2G

Digital leaders

We see development opportunities through further digitization of and interaction between systems.

Durable designs

We distinguish ourelves by bringing market leading ships into service, which stay in service due their durability.

Multidisciplinary team

Our multidisciplinary team is comprising young, enthusiastic, highly-skilled, with a great work ethic and ambitions to work on the ships of the future.

RED-TO-GREEN aspires to develop smart ships, with more efficient systems that fit into our vision for a clean, sustainable and green future.

We participate in projects involving integration with the existing maritime infrastructure and which logically add to the innovation of the fleet.

Our expertise

Our services

Ship design

Operating systems

Smart maritime technologies

Add-on services

Offshore vessels

We create future proof ship designs and technical solutions for clean water mobility.


R2G enables operators to cut carbon emissions or become fully sustainable.

Coastal vessels

From basic design to developing patented sustainable machinery and equipment.

Transport & work ships

We develop vessels with operating systems focused on creating the perfect route.

Upscaling made effortless

RED-TO-GREEN leverages an international network with fellow engineering firms to share knowledge, as well as capacity.

Through practical experience

Our team is rapidly developing the applicability of its professional knowledge.

green emission projects


autonomous shipping & route learning programs


robotics and mathematic

Spotlight project


To provide greener and more efficient services to offshore turbines RED-TO-GREEN is currently working on a SWATH offshore wind farm service vessel. This new SWATH design has a unique operation and docking profile. The vessels combines safe maintenance solutions with a sustainable and highly efficient operating profile.

Ready to go green

Are you looking for sustainable answers and ship designs. Learn what RED-TO-GREEN can do for you.

RED TO GREEN creates future proof ship designs and technical solutions to enable operators to cut carbon emissions or become fully sustainable.

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