I Hull Mach Wind farm service ship L2 SP75 unrestricted navigation AUT-UMS

Offshore wind farm support vessel

To provide greener and more efficient services to offshore turbines RED-TO-GREEN is currently working on a SWATH offshore wind farm service vessel. This new SWATH design has a unique operation and docking profile. The vessels combines safe maintenance solutions with a sustainable and highly efficient operating profile.


Video: SWATH 75

SWATH Benefits

During maintenance in rough seas the SWATH 75 can hold its position easier than a conventional monohull design. Which may result in a reduction of 50% on fuel consumption.


reduction in fuel consumption


smaller and lighter than monohull design

Main Characteristics

Length Overall: 75.0 [m]
Length between Perpendiculars: 63.0 [m]
Breadth: 28.0 [m]
Design draft (main deck): 16.8 [m]
Operational draft: 8.0 [m]
Freeboard draft: 8.0 [m]
Air draft: 25.0 [m]
Gross Tonnage: 6385 [T]
Light ship weight: 4000 [T]
Max. Displacement: 4546 [T]
Payload Cargo Client: 160 [T]
Fuel Capcity: 260 [T]
Fresh water capacity: 26.2 [m3]
Endurance: 30 [days]


Comfort Class – Noise COMF3
Comfort class – Vibration COMF3
PAX 50 [pers]
Ship crew 25 [pers]
Total POB 75 [pers]


Dynamic Positioning

DP system class: DP3


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